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EF100T Mini Bus A/C

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    Roof top minibus van air conditioner EF100T, cooling capacity 10kw, special for medium van, mini bus, ambulance, with 15-21 seats, condenser and evaporator are integrated all-in-one on the rooftop. The air conditioning systems are 12v or 24v to choose, designed to run from the vehicle’s crank batteries whilst parked with the engine switched off, however it is also possible to have the units running while driving to aid in the cooling process. EF100T unit is designed for Ford, Renault, VW, IVECO commercial vehicle. More cooling capacity, more cooling air and low noise.

    1. 12V/24V DC battery powered, delivers reliable climate control when driving or parking, provide higher degree of both safety and quietness features.

    2. Mini bus air conditioner EF100T is used for mini bus, ambulance. European modern, streamlined design, very compatible with any kind of vans & minibus with 15-21 seat.

    3. EF100T with a cooling capacity of 10,000W, 8598.45kal/h, 34121.41Btu/h,  its evaporator air flow is up to 550m3/h, and its condenser air flow is up to 850 m3/h.

    4. Save the fuel and cost: The natural result by switched off the engine with no idling.

    5. Zero Maintenance, the refined Ecofleet technology needs no maintenance. Workers without refilling of water.

    6. Compact and humanized design to reduce the installation difficulty, time and risks caused by Improper installation.

    7. The water-proof electric fittings efficiently increase the system’s reliability and lifespan of the electric parts.

    8. Main batteries protected, Ecofleet systems come with a battery protection switch that automatically shuts off the A/C at 21.5 voltage, ensuring that your drivers will always have plenty of power to turn over their truck’s engines.

    9.100% environmentally friendly, plastic case and cover, working engine-OFF by preventing atmospheric emissions of CO2.

    Mode EF100T Mini Bus Air Conditioner
    Cooling capacity 10 KW
    34121  BTU/H
    8598 Kcal/h
    Refrigerant gas R134A
    Voltage DC 12V/24V
    Compressor Brushless DC electrical compressor
    Condenser air ≧3600 m³/h
    Cooling air ≧1500 m³/h
    Fan speed 3 speed
    Max. current 12V  80A
      24V  45A
    Working current 12V  70A
      24V  35A
    Total Weight 45 kg 
    Ac size 1280*1045*190mm
    Package size 1300*1080*250mm
    Connecting pipes Rubber hose with crimp connectors And cooper pipe
    Shut-off voltage 21.5V/10.5V
    Cabin 15 - 21 seats cabin
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