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  • 1.Whether It Difficult To Install EcoFleet No-Idle Air Conditioner And Refrigerated Units To My Truck?
    • Thanks for your inquiry, our products are sold as a complete aftermarket installation kit that fits almost any commercial truck sleeper and refrigerated vans.
    • Reference from client. “Hi, Kavin, Yes, I have received both units in good condition. I am very happy with the unit. It easy to install, because everything is wire up and program. All I am required is the refrigeration mechanic to fill up the gas and it done. I never seen any unit like this in Perth where I live that run of the battery.”
  • 2.What Recommended Installation And Service Tools We Need Prepare?
    • AC recovery / charging machine – must be R134a COMPLIANT.
    • R134a Leak Detector – must be R134a compliant.
    • Digital Multi-Meter – should be a good quality DVAO meter.
    • Lifting Equipment – capable of lifting storage unit into place on vehicle frame (400 lb. + capacity)
    • 1/2 Heavy-Duty, Low Speed Drill with good quality, sharp drill bits up to 5/8” or RotaBroach Cutters.
    • Mounting Templates – Induded with mounting beackets.
    • Digital Thermometer Tester – Core temperature sensor.


  • How The Battery-Based Idle Free Electric Air Conditioner Works?
    • The EcoFleet DC air conditioner units provide the ideal solution for cooling almost any application that has batteries and an appropriate charging system.
    • Normally, when the truck engine is running, a truck's alternator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy to charge the truck's starter batteries and, in turn, power A/C systems.
    • More often than not, the energy produced by the truck's alternator exceeds the amount of energy needed. This energy is usually wasted. The battery-based idle free electric air conditioner captures this energy and converts into cooling air.


  • 1.What’s The Advantages By Using Brushless DC Compressor Motor?

    The DC compressor and its controller are connected directly to the battery. This permits the unit to operate directly from DC power and eliminates the need for a power inverter. The Ecofleet air conditioners can save power when the environment temperature drops thus less cooling equals less amp draw, which then equates to longer battery life.

  • 2.How Long For The Running Hour After Engine Switching Off?

    For 2kw no idle truck air conditioner, usually work for 4-5 hours. 1kw battery powered air conditioner usually work for 6-7 hours. Moreover, it depend on the storage battery.

  • 3.What Is The Current In Normal Working Condition?

    12 V (50A), 24 V (32A).

  • 4.Whether The Additional Storage Battery Is Necessary?

    It depends on the working hours that client’s requirement. Less than 4 hours, there is no necessary, more than 4 hours, we would recommend an (≥260AH) additional battery.

  • 5.Whether Need To Replace A Larger Generatior?

    We recommend replace a 120A or bigger generator, not less than 90A.

  • 6.What’s The Shell Material That Your Products Use?

    Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic shell(FRP)for 1kw air conditioner; Plastic shell for 2 kw air conditioner.

  • 7.Why EcoFleet Air Conditioner Fan Equipped Only One, Not Two?

    EcoFleet battery powered truck air conditioner equipped with large air flow blower, 1800m3/h air volume for one fan, almost the same with other competitors. The current by one fan is smaller than two fans, reduced the power consumption, which will extend the working hours by using the same battery.

  • 8.Can The Fan Be Replaced To SPAL Brand?

    Yes, but additional charge will be required. The fan that we equipped is the best in china market, working life is 7,000 hours, the same with SPAL.

  • 9.What Kind Of Compressor That EcoFleet Use?

    Brushless, vortex, battery powered compressor.

  • 10.Whether The Air Conditioner Have Function Of Under Voltage Protection?

    Yes, automatic switch off when 21.5V (10.5V)

  • 11.Which Countries That Have Been Exported?

    EcoFleet had been exported to USA, Canada, German, Chile, Australia, South Africa, Poland,etc. Moreover, had constituted partners in USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa.


  • 1.What The Meaning By No Maintenance Of Your Machine? Is That Meaning Totally Maintenance Free?

    Yes, the air conditioning system do not need frequently inspect, it equipped with less wearing parts, the duration is10 years in average.

    What you need to check:

    • 1.Inspect the batteries, check for tight electrical connections and also corrosion at battery terminals.
    • 2.Inspect and clean the air filter regularly to ensure good airflow across the evaporator.
    • 3.Do not block the airflow path between the return air grill and evaporator coil with pillows, blankets, papers or other objects.
    • 4.Check the condensate drain to make sure water is draining properly. If the drain is clogged, clean it.
    • 5.Periodically inspect for chafe on outside wires, cables and refrigerant lines.

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